Class Winners – VIC State Competitions

The VSA has four competition class trophies. Standard Class, 15 Meter Class, 18 Meter class and Open Class. There is presently no trophy for sports class.

Inscribed medallions are provided to the class winners each year as a permanent memento after the Trophy is returned for the next years competition.

Previous winners of the VSA class trophies.Standard Class, 15 metre class, 18 metre class, Open class, Club class


Standard Class
15 Metre Class
Year Pilot Aircraft   Year Pilot Aircraft
2019 No Contest     2019 No Contest  
2018 Gary Stevenson  Discus 2   2018 Bruce Cowan  Ventus b/15m
2017 Tim Shirley  ASW 28   2017 Craig Dilks  PIK 20 D
2016 John Orton  SZD 55   2016 Jack Hart  DG 400
2014/15  John Orton  SZD 55   2014/15 Steve Trone  Mini Nimbus
2013/14 Gary Stevenson  Discus 2   2013/14 Gary Stevenson  Discus 2
2012/13  Rick Gray  Ventus B   2012/13  Rick Gray  Ventus B
2012 Competition Cancelled     2012 Competition Cancelled  
2011 Mike Durrant LS 8t   2011 Andy Smith Ventus BT
2010 Paul Mander SZD55   2010 Craig Collins ASW20
2009 Peter Temple LS8   2009 Peter Trotter ASW20
2008 Allan Barnes LS1-F   2008 Bruce Cowan Ventus
2007 David Wilson ASW24   2007 Peter Buskens ASW24
2006 Gary Stevenson Libelle H201   2006 Bruce Cowan Ventus
2005 Gary Stevenson Libelle H201   2005 Rolf Buelter Pik 20B
2002 Peter Gray Discus   2003 Peter Buskens ASW24
2001 Peter Gray Discus   2001 Peter Gray Discus
2000 Haidyn Dunn ASW19B   2000 Peter Trotter DG200
1999 Peter Gray Discus   1998 Graham Garlic ASW20
1998 Peter Gray Discus   1997 Bruce Cowan  
1997 Gary Stevenson Libelle H201   1996 Peter Gray  
1996 Peter Gray Discus   1995 Peter Trotter  
1995 Haidyn Dunn ASW19B   1993/4 Ian Shadbolt  
1994 Peter Gray Discus   1991 Ian Shadbolt  
1993 Peter Gray Discus   1990 Gary Pearce  
1992 Harry McInnes DG100   1989 Gary Pearce  
1991 Peter Gray Discus   1988 Paul Mander  
1990 Peter Gray Discus        
1989 Terry Cubley Jantar 2        
18 Metre
Open Class
  Year Pilot Aircraft   Year Pilot Aircraft
  2020 Michael Durrant LSA 8T   2020

Michael Durrant

  2019 Mark Patterson JS 3   2019

Mark Patterson

JS 3
  2018 Craig Vinall ASG 29/18m   2018


  2017 Mark Patterson HPH 304S Shark   2017

Mark Patterson

 HPH 304S Shark
  2016 Mark Patterson HPH 304S Shark   2016

Mark Paterson

 HPH 304S Shark
  2014/15 Peter Buskens  JS 1   2014/15 Petr Buskens  JS 1
  2013/14 Tony Tabart  Ventus 2cM   2013/14 Tony Tabart  Ventus 2cM
  2012/13  Peter Buskens  JS 1   2012/13  Peter Buskens  JS 1
  2012 Competition Cancelled     2012 Competition Cancelled  
  2011  Tony Tabart  Ventus 2CM   2010 Tony Tabart Ventus
          2009 Lars Zehnder Ventus 2cx
          2008 Tony Tabart Ventus
          2007 Jack Hart DG400
 Club Class     2006 Tracey Tabart Ventus
  2020 Jarek Mosiejewski PIK 20B   2005 Tony Tabart Ventus
  2019 Craig Collings  ASW 20   2003 Tony Tabart Ventus
  2018 Bernie Sizer  PIK 20B   2001 Peter Gray Discus
  2017 Steve Jinks  Std Cirrus   1996 Peter Gray Discus
  2016 Phil Ritchie  Mosquito   1995 Peter Trotter Ventus

 Jarek  Mosiejewski

 PIK 20 B   1993 Tom Savage Jantar 2

 Pemberton  Buchanan

 Janus B   1992 Harry McInnes DG100

 Jinks  Champness

 Janus B   1991 Darcy Hogan Jantar
   2012  Competition  Canclled     1990 Neil Burns Nimbus 3
   2011  Craig Collings  LS 1f   1989 Ian Neuman Nimbus
          1988 Neil Burns Nimbus 3
          1987 Neil Burns Nimbus 3
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